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  • Pimple Treatment

    Once you get rid of pimples, they leave ugly marks on your face. Although it is not difficult to deal with pimple marks, dealing with acne and pimple scars can be frustrating at times. It also depends on how long you have been suffering from pimples and what was the treatment you went through to get rid of it. Also, the effects of different types of treatments vary from person to person.


    • Over-activity of sebaceous glands
    • Bacterial infection and Inflammation
    • Heredity factors
    • Fatty, greasy and fried foodss
    • Stress
    • Heavy usage of cosmetics
    • Environmental irritants, such as polluted air and high humidity
    • Squeezing or picking at blemishes
    • Hard scrubbing of the skin

    There are few treatment options to remove the left over scars of pimples.

    Our beauty care giving you a special herbal facepack with natural remedies. It can help you to remove pimple marks or pimple scars easily. The pimple treatment product we carry have been carefully chosen based on performance as well as their eco- sensitivity. We proud to provide our guests with most health conscious choices in professional hair care products. We work with nature and not against it. we use natural incredients for making pimple treatment products. Our experts source the finest, pure and natural product that perform and deliver effective, luxurious experience.